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Iméra Workshop "The symphony of modern neuroscience"

We invite speakers representing those different aspects and, moreover, prominent figures in modern neuroscience, and have them expose an overview of their field, aspirations and most importantly open questions.

The workshop will conclude on a panel discussion to foster new and common research interests and collaborations among the speakers and the audience.

As one barrier to interdisciplinarity lies in the technicalities of each field, the workshop will take the form of pedagogical talks, focused on the concepts and heuristics, and a panel discussions.

The overall aims of this workshop, particularly with the final panel discussion, are tripartite: first, easing the interaction among researchers from different research horizons; second, to gain new prospectives on common questions and, finally, to join efforts to solve problems, each contributing its own expertise.

Workshop sponsored by IMéRA and organised by IMéRA Fellows P. Expert, S. de  Nigris, H. Fernandes, L-D. Lord, T. Carletti (Team Quintet)

- Attendance is free, but PLEASE REGISTER for catering and organizational purposes: evenbrite link

- Location: IMéRA (AMU), Maison des astronomes, 2 place Le Verrier, 13004 Marseille.

- If you can’t physically attend, the workshop will be streamed live on Iméra Youtube Channel (times are GMT+1).  

- Follow @imera_amu for live updates and ask questions for the panel with #smn.

LocationIméra - Maison des Astronomes - Marseille
Starts on15/03/2017
Ends on15/03/2017

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