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COMPLEX NETWORKS 2017 The Sixth International Conference on Complex Networks & their Applications


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Alex Arenas, Universidad Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Albert-László Barabasi,Northeastern University, USA

Jure Leskovec, Stanford, USA

Daniele Quercia, Bell Labs Cambridge, UK

Frank Schweitzer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Katharina Anna Zweig, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany

Tutorials: November 28, 2017

Ginestra Bianconi, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Francesco Bonchi, ISI Foundation, Italy

Kind of contribution

COMPLEX NETWORKS accepts contributions in the form of papers (not previously published) and extended abstracts.


Papers will be included in the workshop proceedings edited by Springer. Authors will be required to transfer copyright to Springer. The proceedings are published on the Studies in Computational Intelligence Series (http://www.springer.com/series/7092).

Extended abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts (with ISBN) together with the abstracts of the keynote presentations.

Journal special issues

Extended versions of accepted contributions will be invited for publication in special issues of international journals:

Computational Social Networks edited by Springer


Applied Network Science edited by Springer


Journal of Complex Networks edited by Oxford University Press


Scope of the Workshop

Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical and applied papers on their research. Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

Models of Complex Networks

Structural Network Properties and Analysis

Complex Networks and Epidemics

Community Structure in Networks

Community Discovery in Complex Networks

Motif Discovery in Complex Networks

Complex Networks Mining

Dynamics and Evolution Patterns of Complex Networks

Link Prediction

Multiplex Networks

Network Controllability

Synchronization in Networks

Visual Representation of Complex Networks

Large-scale Graph Analytics

Social Reputation, Influence, and Trust

Information Spreading in Social Media

Rumour and Viral Marketing in Social Networks

Recommendation Systems and Complex Networks

Financial and Economic Networks

Complex Networks and Mobility

Biological and Technological Complex Networks

Mobile call Complex Networks

Bioinformatics and Earth Sciences Applications

Resilience and Robustness of Complex Networks

Complex Networks for Physical Infrastructures

Complex Networks, Smart Cities and Smart Grids

Political networks

Supply chain networks

Complex networks and information systems

Complex networks and CPS/IoT

Graph signal processing

Cognitive Network Science

Network Medicine

Network Neuroscience

Quantifying success through network analysis

Temporal and spatial networks

General Chair

Hocine Cherifi, Université de Bourgogne, France

Program Chairs

Chantal Cherifi, Université Lyon 2, France

Mirco Musolesi, University College London, UK

Marton Karsai, ENS de Lyon, France

Poster Chairs

Hamamache Kheddouci, Université Lyon 1, France

Huijuan Wang, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Liaison & Publicity Chairs

Americas: Bruno Gonçalves, New York University, USA

Far East: Feng Xia Dalian University of Technology, China

Europe: Carlo Piccardi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Sponsor Chair

Eric Fleury, ENS de Lyon, France

Publication Chair

Sabrina Gaito, University of Milan, Italy

Advisory Board

Raissa D'Souza, University of California, Davis, USA

Sabrina Gaito, University of Milan, Italy

Ben Y. Zhao, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Program Committee

Visit the Committee Page on http://www.complexnetworks.org

Starts on29/11/2017
Ends on01/12/2017
Submission deadline03/09/2017 22:00

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