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  • CCS2021

    The Conference on Complex Systems, the flagship conference of the Complex System Society, is the most important annual meeting for the complex systems research community. Last year, the Conference was fully online because of the Covid-19 pandemics. For 2021, this annual event will be held in Lyon, France, from October 25 to 29, 2021. We are confident to be able to welcome you in Lyon at this time of the year, for an in-person conference. Still, as we know that there might still be a number of travel restrictions at that time, some sessions will be organized as a hybrid conference.

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  • CSS Chapters Workshop 2021 @CCS2021

    The Chapters Workshop is a collaborative space that seeks to integrate the knowledge, experience, and diversity of the Complex Systems Community. This meeting aims to strengthen the capacities and leadership necessary to work on our organizational mission and vision. Based on the CSS recommendations to organize local chapters, experiences on how such guidelines can be adapted to the different national or regional contexts to be as inclusive and efficient as possible. Priorities of actions that could be set up will be discussed. Feedback from existing chapters and initiatives will be reported.

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  • Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges (2nd Edition)

    This CES Winter School is a 2nd Edition of the previously named “Sustainable development, complexity and change: thinking and practices for the SDG and other objectives” CES Winter School, held on December 2020. This School represents an opportunity for shared learning and discovery. It is based on a logic of deep interdisciplinarity, oriented towards promoting productive, collaborative, critical and creative dialogues between different disciplines and modes of thinking, between theory and research and the practices that “in the real world” enact and realise, critique or present alternative or complementary proposals to current global challenges. In this Winter School, we propose to address key global challenges, exploring a variety of critical, alternative and complementary views on how to address their complexity. We will target the following Challenge themes: -Being and Thinking Together (in) Complexity -Knowing Together: Grasping the Complexity of the World -Living Together: Peace and Communities of Well-Being -Learning and Teaching Together -Changing and Acting Together The School welcomes the participation of researchers, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, practitioners of NGO and NGDO, activists, from a variety of domains

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  • Complex Networks 2021

    10 thInternational Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications SPEAKERS • Marc Barthélémy CEA France • Ginestra Bianconi Queen Mary University of London UK • João Gama University of Porto Portugal • Dirk Helbing ETH Zürich Switzerland • Yizhou Sun UCLA USA • Alessandro Vespignani Northeastern University USA TUTORIALS (November 29, 2021) • Elisabeth Lex Graz University of Technology Austria • Giovanni Petri ISI Foundation Italy

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