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  • NERCCS 2021: Fourth Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems

    NERCCS 2021: The Fourth Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems will follow the success of NERCCS 2018-2020 to promote the emerging venue of interdisciplinary scholarly exchange for complex systems researchers in the Northeast U.S. region to share their research outcomes through presentations and post-conference online publications, network with their peers in the region, and promote inter-campus collaboration and the growth of the research community. NERCCS will particularly focus on facilitating the professional growth of early career faculty, postdocs, and students in the region who will likely play a leading role in the field of complex systems science and engineering in the coming years. The conference will be held online via Zoom.

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  • COMPLEXIS 2021

    COMPLEXIS – The International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk, aims at becoming a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing innovative views on all aspects of Complex Information Systems, in different areas such as Informatics, Telecommunications, Computational Intelligence, Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Social Sciences. Information is pervasive in many areas of human activity – perhaps all – and complexity is a characteristic of current Exabyte-sized, highly connected and hyper dimensional, information systems.

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  • The Second Workshop on Stochastic Thermodynamics (WOST II).

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  • CCS2021

    CCS2021 will take place in Lyon, France, from October 25 to October 29, 2021. Since 2004, the Conference on Complex Systems organized by the CSS, is the most important annual meeting for the complex systems research community. Until 2014, it was the European Conference on Complex Systems. In 2015, it became CCS with its first "global" edition in the USA. Since then, CCS has been organized in 2016 in Amsterdam, in 2017 in Cancun, Mexico, in 2018, in Thessaloniki, Greece and in 2019 in Singapore. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was organized online.

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