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Complex Systems Institute

The Complex Systems Institute is an interdisciplinary research group for the study of critical events in complex social and economic systems.

New theories of complex systems, a surge in computational capacity and abundant Big data have produced disruptive new insights that reach across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Complex Systems Institute at Ghent University was set up as a result of this revolution and aims to bring together researchers interested in studying nature from a systems perspective, using data and network sciences, statistical physics and computational modelling.

The Complex Systems Institute brings together scholars from various areas with a joint interest in the dynamics of complex social and economic systems and find common concepts, methodology and interests to tackle complicated and usually interdisciplinary challenges together.

The team consists of specialists in the study of dynamic networks and experts in the analysis of very large datasets interested in applying their expertise outside their own field, scholars in search of new methodology for reconceptualising their own field and reinterpreting the data to which they have access, e.g. stability of financial systems, systemic risk in interbanking networks, paradigm shifts in collaborative citation networks, emergence of epidemic outbreaks, and social networks.

We are located in the lovely medieval town of Ghent, Belgium. This is the land of Adolphe Quetelet, a pioneer in social physics, one of the first to apply statistical methods to study social sciences, and our university is where Pierre Verhulst, the inventor of the logistic growth model of populations, did his doctoral studies. Not least, the Gentse Stoverij and the Gentse neuzen are unbeatable.

OrganizationGhent University
Administrative ContactLuis Rocha
Administrative Contact Emailluis.rocha@ugent.be
Keywordsnetwork science; social physics; economics; data science; epidemiology;

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