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Cybernetics and Complex Systems Lab, Centro de Ciencias Aplicadas y Desarrollo Tecnologico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Study the mechanisms of information processing and control in Complex Systems, such as the living systems, human systems, social systems and technological systems. In particular, study the detection, processing and transmission of information in such systems as well as measurement, automation and control of their internal processes.

Perform conceptual, theoretical, methodological and technological contributions to solve problems related with Complex Systems.

Perform computerized technological developments in Cybernetics.

Prepare researchers, professors and specialists in Cybernetics and Complexity Sciences.


Theories, Methods and Models of Social Complexity.

Philosophical, theoretical and methodological fundamentals about the analysis and synthesis of Complex Systems.

Memetic models of knowledge.

Systemic networks and applications.

OrganizationUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Second AffiliationCenter of Complexity Sciences UNAM
Administrative ContactDr. Felipe Lara-Rosano
Administrative Contact Emailflararosano@gmail.com
KeywordsSocial complexity; complex adaptive systems; sociocybernetics;

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