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Thematic School Support Program

  1. Aim and Criteria

The Thematic School Support (TSS) Program aims at supporting the attendance of PhD students and Junior Post Doctoral researchers (no more than two years from their PhD completion) who are members of the CSS to Doctoral and thematic summer/winter schools focusing on the science of complex systems.

The TSS program funding is provided to the Schools, whose organizers have to make the appropriate application as indicated below. The Schools recipient of the TSS support will be responsible of the selection of the candidates. The CSS reserves the right to approve (or disapprove) who are the grantees of the fellowships. Each School can apply for a maximum of 3 fellowships.

The schools applying for the TSS program must meet the following criteria: - Must be internationally open - Must be approved and funded by national or international Institute/agencies. - Must have a website containing all the relevant information (registration fees, sponsoring Institution, organizers, lecturers). - Must have a focus in the complex systems area - Must provide evidence of the scientific excellence of lecturers and invited speakers.

  1. Submission of Candidacies

Interested schools shall submit a request for the TSS program support providing the following information: - Name of the school, dates of the schools. - Short document detailing the aims and program of the school (generally the information circulated with the school material or webpage) - Institution sponsoring the school - List of organizers - List of speakers - Web page address containing the information about the school.

  1. Selection of Candidatures The CSS Executive Committee is fully and exclusively endowed with the responsibility of assessing the eligibility of candidatures, examining and selecting the dossiers of the admitted candidatures, and select the candidatures receiving the TSS program support.

The selected schools shall acknowledge the CSS sponsorship through the TSS program as appropriate on the web page and other advertising material (flyers, posters etc.).

  1. Deadline for Candidacy Submission

The application shall be sent to the following address before June 1st, 2015: css@cssociety.org

Open from24/02/2015
Deadline31/05/2015 22:00

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