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Open Calls – Conference Complex Systems (CCS 2024 and CCS 2025)

The Complex Systems Society (CSS) organizes every year a main conference (CCS) - the most important annual meeting for the complex systems research community.

The Complex Systems Society invites bids to host the edition for 2024 and 2025.

The conference is generally held in September/October of each year.

Interested potential organizers should send a short document (6 pages max.) detailing the proposal to the Society account css@cssociety.org (please add jfmendes@ua.pt and jramasco@ifisc.uib-csic.es in cc).

The last edition was in Palma de Maiorca (CCS2022). The next one will be in Salvador, Brasil (CCS2023).

The CCS series in recent years alternates between Europe, Asia and the Americas. In the edition 2024, preference will be given to bids from outside Europe in this edition even though bids from other locations will be also considered. For 2025 using this rotating system we would give preference for for bids from Europe, again not excluding contributions from other regions. 

The deadline for proposals submission is March 15, 2023

Proposals should include the following information:

 - Organizing Local committee (names/roles)

 - Motivation: Scientific/local attractions (e.g. in term of the local research community working on complex systems)

 - Date and agenda

 - Format: on site, hybrid or online (technical aspects, …)

 - Location and logistic facilities [venue (max number of participants in plenary sessions, number and size of rooms for parallel sessions & satellites), accommodation, transports, …]

 - Potential Invited/Keynote Speakers

 - Expected Number of Contributing Speakers & Participants

 - Expected Budget: Estimates of the costs (e.g. rental of the location, organization costs, plenary speakers reimbursement) and outline on how to meet them (e.g. registration fee structure, possible institutional support, sponsors. Registration fee should include the annual membership fee to Complex Systems Society, which should be returned to the Society at the end of the meeting.)

 - If available, other extra material such as Promotional video (from local entities, …)

Open from15/11/2022
Deadline15/03/2023 0:00

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