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CSS Emerging Researcher Award 2022

The CSS Emerging Researcher Award recognizes promising researchers in Complex Systems. It is awarded once a year to up to three researchers who have made outstanding first steps in the complexity science research in any of the areas representative of the CSS.

1. Aim and criteria

To encourage more interdisciplinary research and to recognize the challenges that early career complex systems researchers may face working on the intersections of various scientific fields, the Complex Systems Society will award Emerging Researchers who have made outstanding contributions during their PhD research up to three years after it.

Both foundational and applied research will be considered with special emphasis on cross collaboration between different scientific disciplines. Outstanding contributions are not limited to research publication, open codes, data and science dissemination will be highly valued as well. 

The Emerging Researchers will be selected based on their main research contributions, the interdisciplinarity of their work, evidence of their good communication practices, both with peers and the general public, as well their potential to further complex systems research agenda in the future. 

2. Award

The Award consists of a 1-year CSS membership, a free registration for the corresponding annual CSS Conference, an invitation to the Award Ceremony, and a Diploma.

3. Eligibility and the application procedure

The winner(s) will be selected by a Selection Committee appointed by the Executive Committee of the CSS and the members of Young Researchers of the CSS. The winner of the award will be selected among the applications received within the deadline indicated below. The rules for the submission of candidacies are as follows:

  • All applications should be sent through an online form: https://forms.gle/kuRqTF9B5hGhqRkB6
  • Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.
  • Researchers of all disciplines covered by the CSS can be nominated.
  • Eligible researchers are considered within 3 years from PhD completion (date of PhD defense) at the time of this call’s deadline. 
  • The nominator (self or external nominator) must be a member of the CSS at the time of the nomination, while the nominee might not be a CSS member (unless self-nominating). 
  • A candidacy remains valid for 2 years, provided the candidate still fulfils the eligibility conditions. Nominator(s) can nevertheless update support documents if desired.
  • Each year, multiple nominations by the same nominator are not allowed. So, a nominator can support at most two candidates per year, one new and one that remains form the previous year.

To apply, the nominator is required to fill in the form with the details about the nominee’s scientific contribution, research style, collaborations and contact details, and upload a CV of the nominee, including the most relevant contributions. In case of self-nominations one letter of support from a fellow researcher is required and should be sent directly by the supporting researcher to awards.css@gmail.com, while none are required in case of external nominator. However, the letter(s) can be added if the nominator wishes to do so. Supporting letters to multiple candidates are discouraged.

4. Selection of Candidatures

The Selection Committee is fully and exclusively endowed with the responsibility of assessing the eligibility of candidatures, examining and selecting the applications of the admitted candidates and proposing the winners to the Executive Committee of the CSS, that will then take the final decision.

5. Deadline for Candidacy Submission

The applications, including potential references per sec. 3, have to be received by the CSS within the end of May 31st, 2022 anywhere on Earth.

See http://cssociety.org/community/css-awards for the list of previous awardees.

Open from10/03/2022
Deadline31/05/2022 0:00

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