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Special issue on "Dynamical Processes in Multilayer Networks"

The network concept has been applied to predict and understand real-world systems coming from various fields such as biology, socio-economical and technological systems. Recent years have witnessed an emergence of the multilayer framework, which provides more accurate insights into systems possessing multiple types of relations. For example, the individual or collective behavior of a society modeled by individuals interacting through the digital social network, or the transportation network, where each network forms a layer with specific features. A good description of this system, together with complete datasets of the population mobility, would be very valuable in the process of designing more efficient and sustainable cities and global connectivity. The study of spreading and epidemic processes has also benefited from the incorporation of this new framework, allowing to add the multilayer structure of the population itself, as well as information about the social context, as informative awareness, coinfections or the intermingling of the spreading with the transportation systems. The incorporation of as much information as possible in the simulation models has greatly improved prediction capability which is of the utmost importance in this context. In the study of the brain dynamics, a multilayer model in which each layer is identified by a single frequency band carrying unique topological information is helpful in disentangling information transfers between bands. From a fundamental point of view, to all the applications underlies the deep relationship between structure and dynamic. This relationship often yields to emerging phenomena that extend to the multilayer, such as interlayer, cluster and explosive synchronization, chimeras, percolation, etc.

This focus issue aims in bringing landmark discoveries, new results in the rapidly growing area of multilayer networks.


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