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Call for Peer Community In Network Science Partner- and Friendly- Journals

The Peer Community In (PCI) initiative is a non-profit, non-commercial platform that publishes peer-reviews and recommendations of preprints. The overarching aim of this researcher-run organisation is to create specific communities of researchers reviewing and recommending unpublished preprints in their field, for free. Thirteen PCI communities have already been created and PCI Network Science is one of most recent and several preprints are currently in the review process.

Once the submissions are accepted (or, in PCI terms, “recommended”) following peer review, the revised manuscript is posted on the host preprint server, and the peer reviews and recommendation of the preprint are posted on the PCI website. Authors then have the option of also publishing the preprint in a traditional journal. In that case, it is interesting for both the authors and the publishers to take advantage of the existing PCI reviews.

In this perspective, PCI Network Science is looking for PCI-Partner and PCI-Friendly Journals.

In both cases, such a journal must be a diamond open-access journals, a journal of a learned society, a journal published by a non-profit organisation, or a journal belonging to a public research institution.

A PCI-partner journal endorses the PCI review criteria and commits to accepting without further peer review any manuscript that achieves a positive final recommendation from PCI while also meeting any additional procedural requirements that do not require further scientific evaluation by the journal.

A PCI-friendly journal do not automatically accept PCI-recommended articles but agrees to provide the authors a respond (acceptance, need further peer-review, rejected), within a short specified reply time (e.g. 5 days).

Open from21/05/2021
Deadline21/08/2021 0:00

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