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CCS2021 call for abstracts

CCS2021 is the flagship conference on Complex Systems promoted by the CSS. It brings under one umbrella a wide variety of leading researchers, practitioners and stakeholders with a direct interest in Complex Systems, from Physics to Computer Science, Biology, Social Sciences, Economics, and Technological and Communication Networks, among others.

Topics covered by the Conference include, but are not limited to:

Main Tracks

  1. Foundations of Complex Systems (complex networks, self-organization, nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, mathematical modelling and simulation, conceptual frameworks, modes of thinking, methodologies and methods, philosophy of Complexity; knowledge systems)
  2. Information and Communication Technologies (Internet, WWW, search, semantic web, Blockchain, Bitcoins)
  3. Psychology, Neurosciences, Linguistics (evolution of language, social consensus, artificial intelligence, cognitive processes; psychotherapeutic change; narrative complexity)
  4. Economics and Finance (game theory, stock market and crises)
  5. Infrastructure, Planning and Environment (critical infrastructures, urban planning, mobility, transport and energy, Smart Cities)
  6. Biological and (Bio)Medical Complexity (biological networks, systems biology, evolution, natural science, medicine and physiology; biological coordination dynamics; aging)
  7. Social complexity (Social networks, Social-ecological systems; Global environmental change, Green growth, Sustainability and resilience, Social groups; Change processes; Social evolution; Self-organisation and democracy)
  8. Complexity in Physics and Chemistry (Quantum Computation, Quantum Synchronization, Quantum Chaos, Random Matrix Theory)
  9. COVID-19 related Complex Systems
  10. Methodologies (methodological challenges, methods, innovations)
  11. Inter/Transdisciplinarity, applied research and calls for collaboration (‘real-world’ interventions; applied research; project proposals) 12. Any other topic in Complex Systems

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Easychair will be used for all procedures

  1. Log in to easychair.org using an existing account.
  2. If you do not have an account, you can easily sign up.
  3. Click on the submission link.
  4. Log in to the conference as an author, and proceed with uploading your paper at the top left corner by clicking “New Submission”
  5. Follow the instructions easy chair provides you and fill in all the necessary details.
  6. Submit.

You can download the abstract template from there: Template

We accept contributed talks (regular and lightning talks) and posters. Please indicate your preference for one of the following categories to present your research:

  • Regular talk
  • Poster submission
  • Lightning talk

Oral Presentations

The allocated time for each oral presentations is 15 minutes, which total time for presentation +questions (12 min + 3 min). There is a tight schedule and it is important that each presenter stay within this time limit. Presenters will have access to a laptop with LCD projector and a laser pointer. Please, bring your presentation to the meeting on a USB flash drive to load on the in-room laptops. You should load your presentation on one of the conference laptops before the first session, during the coffee breaks, or during lunch preceding your presentation. A support staff member will be in each room to assist with the loading.

Poster Presentations

For each poster, display boards will be allocated. The poster area will open 30 minutes before each poster session begins each day. It is advisable to hang the posters sometime before 9:00 a.m. the day of the respective session. Posters will need to be taken down by the end of the day of each session. Presenters will be required to be next to their posters during specific time slots. Poster dimensions: A0 size (841 x 1189 mm or 33.1 x 46.8 in). Maximum stand area: 1200x1200 mm.

Lightning (Ignite) presentations

A few oral talks will be presented in the “ignite” mode. Such talks should present a single, new, key idea of the problem at hand, rather than give complete and detailed results of a research project. Thus, the allocated time will be 4 minutes. No questions/answers will be allowed. Each ignite talk should have no more than 4 slides. All presentations should be loaded to the room laptop before the beginning of the session. Please see the support staff member of the room to assist you with the loading.

Open from15/04/2021
Deadline20/05/2021 0:00

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