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Call for Abstracts: Conference on Complex Systems 2017

Cancun, Mexico. September 17-22. 

The flagship conference of the Complex Systems Society will go to Latin America for the first time in 2017. The Mexican complex systems community is enthusiast to welcome colleagues to one of our richest destinations: Cancun. 

The conference will include presentations by Mario Molina (Environment, Nobel Prize in Chemistry), Ranulfo Romo (neruoscience), Antonio Lazcano (origins of life), Marta González (human mobility), Dirk Brockmann (epidemiology), Stefano Battiston (economics) John Quackenbush (computational biology), and many more. 

We invite abstract contributions (500 words maximum) for oral presentations or posters in the following tracks: 

•  Foundations of Complex Systems 

•  Information and Communication Technologies 

•  Language, Linguistics Cognition and Social Systems 

•  Economics and Finance 

•  Infrastructures, Planning and Environment 

•  Biological and (Bio)Medical Complexity 

•  Socio-Ecological Systems 

•  Complexity in Physics and Chemistry 

Upload instructions will be announced in http://ccs17.unam.mx 

Important dates: 

Abstract deadline           March 10

Notifications of Acceptance   April 21 

Conference                September 17-22 

Open from08/12/2016
Deadline14/03/2017 23:00

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