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Social interaction in Animals: linking experimental approach and social network analysis

The goal of this research topic is to present the genetic and socio-environmental factors affecting social interaction and information transmission with the integration of experimental approaches, social network analyses and modelling. Using different animal species, this research topic will investigate (1) how the structure of a group affects social interaction, information transfer and collective decisions; (2) how individuals within and between species treat different sources of information (in particular personal vs. social information) according to their sociality and personality, and (3) the genetic bases of social information use. Importantly, we aim to understand whether a relationship between social network structures and dynamics can reflect the efficiency of social transmission, i.e. can we use social network analysis to predict the social transmission of information, collective decision-making and ultimately the evolutionary trajectory of a group?

Important Note: All submissions/contributions to this Research Topic must be in line with the scope of the journal and section they are submitted to. While authors are encouraged to draw from other disciplines to complement their papers where relevant, they must ensure papers fall within the scope of the section, as expressed in its mission statement, with a primary focus on psychology theory and content.

Open from12/05/2015
Deadline31/10/2015 23:00

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