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  • Research School on Graph Structure and Complex Network Analysis

    Complex networks are used to represent interrelations in various real-life phenomena. Mainly since the works of Duncan Watts and Steven Strogatz (1998) on one hand, and Albert-Lázló Barabási and Réka Albert (1999) on the other, graph theory has become a major mathematical field that provides a framework to handle network properties theoretically and enables us with very powerful tools to model and solve problems on networks. Understanding their graph structure is a key point in deriving efficient algorithms in large networks, which have applications even in AI. In this summer school, we will cover theoretical aspects of graph structure analysis as well as applications on complex network studies. Courses are related to spectral graph theory, graph modification problems, or time-varying graphs. Each one of these fields has been intensively studied in previous decades and continues to be at the focus of many researchers from mathematics, computer science and humanities and social sciences communities. They constitute a very rich source of research questions from structural, algorithmic and computational point of views. This workshop will enlighten some up-to-date results with an extending to complex networks analysis. It will offer the possibility of starting new and innovative collaborations. Each course will be given by an expert in the topic.

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  • Open Calls – Conference Complex Systems (CCS 2024 and CCS 2025)

    Call to organize an upcoming edition of the Conference on Complex Systems

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