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Joining the CSS Society

Why and how to become a member

The Complex Systems Society is open to everyone. Anyone may apply to join the Society. The membership gives voting rights.

A person becomes a voting member by first opening an account on the CSS website (click on 'Sign up' in the top right corner) and:
(i) paying a fee through the CSS web site
(ii) paying the (E)CCS’N conference fee

(E)CCS Participants have the right to a one-year membership in the Complex Systems Society (CSS). They  will receive an e-mail with subject "CSS Membership Activation for the Complex Systems Society" to activate their membership after the conference and will not need to pay any additional fee.

A voting member can vote to referendums if any and general assembly of the CSS council and will benefit from all CSS services (in particular, the possibility to insert news, job openings, events in the web page).
A voting member will be considered as regular member for four additional years after this first year.

Membership fees:
20€ for students,
30€ for postdocs, non-permanent academic staff,
40€ for permanent academic staff,
100€ for non academic

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