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CSS Executive Committee

Officers of the Society

Guido Caldarelli, President (until CCS21)
Alain Barrat, Vice-President and Treasurer (until CCS20)
Elisa Omodei, Vice-President and Secretary (until CCS21)

Members of the executive committee

Mateusz Wilinski (as chair of yrCSS) 

Alex Arenas (until CCS19)
Vittorio Loreto (until CCS19)
Vincenzo Nicosia (until CCS19)
Hiroki Sayama (until CCS19)

Alberto Antonioni (until CCS20)
Panos Argyrakis (until CCS20)
Laura Hernandez (until CCS20)

Tiziana Di Matteo (until CCS21)
Marton Karsai (until CCS21)
Nicola Perra (until CCS21)
Karoline Wiesner (until CCS21)
Sarah Wolf (until CCS21)


Previous elected members:
-until ECCS14: Andrea Baronchelli, David Chavalarias
-until CCS15: Paul Bourgine, Guillaume Deffuant, Carlos Gershenson, Dirk Helbing, Yasmin Merali, Daniela Paolotti 
-until CCS16: Alex Arenas, Guido Caldarelli, Pierre Collet, Jeff Johnson 
-until CCS17: Vittoria Colizza, Sarah de Nigris, Alessandro Vespignani
-until CCS18: Simon DeDeo, Jose Fernando Mendes, Elisa Omodei, Nicola Perra, Stefano Zapperi

Previous officers:
Yamir Moreno, president until CCS18
Guido Caldarelli, vice-president until CCS18
Alain Barrat, vice-president until CCS17
Alessandro Vespignani, president until CCS15
Paul Bourgine, president until ECCS12
Yamir Moreno, vice-president until CCS15
David Chavalarias, vice-president until ECCS14
Mina Teicher, vice-president until ECCS14

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