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CSS awards

CSS awards and awardees

In order to recognize exceptional contributions to the science of complex systems the society has established in 2014 the senior scientific award that recognize outstanding contributions of CSS members at whatever stage of their careers, and the junior scientific award aimed at recognizing extraordinary scientific achievements by CSS young researchers (within 7 years of PhD completion). The society is also awarding special service awards to members of the society for their efforts in promoting complex systems science and the CSS society nationally and internationally.

2016 CSS awards and awardees

The 2016 awardees have been announced during CCS2016 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The recipients were:

-Senior scientific award: Prof. Michael Batty for his long standing scientific career in the fields of Geography, Urban Modelling, Dynamic Systems, in which he has pioneered the idea of cities as complex systems, as well as for his leading role in the conformation of the Science of Cities that combines a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from Statistical Physics, Mathematics, Architecture and Engineering, to Social Sciences and Economics.

-Junior scientific awards: Manlio De Domenico and Emilio Ferrara.
Manlio De Domenico has made a number of important contributions to the field of multilayer networks, including pioneering works on their mathematical formulation through tensorial representation and on the development of a visualisation algorithm, but also their application to study several topics such as human mobility, epidemic spreading or bibliometrics. He has participated to international data challenges in which he has won prizes, and his research has been published in the leading journals of interdisciplinary research.
Emilio Ferrara is one of the most active and successful young researchers in the field of computational social sciences. His works include the design and application of novel network-science models, algorithms, and tools to study phenomena occurring in large, dynamical techno-social systems. They improved our understanding of the structure of large online social networks and the dynamics of information diffusion. He has explored online social phenomena (protests, rumours, etc.), with applications to model and forecast individual behaviour, and characterise information diffusion and cyber-crime.

-Service award: Paul Bourgine for his role in the creation of the Complex Systems Society, of which he is one of the founders. He has also acted as president of the CSS and member of its Executive Committee and has been one of the main driving forces to make the CSS thrive.

2015 CSS awards and awardees

The results of the 2015 CSS awards have been announced during CCS'15 in Tempe, Arizona, USA. The recipients were:

-Senior scientific award: Prof. Maxi San Miguel for  his long standing scientific career characterized by a cross-disciplinary approach at the core of complexity sciences and for his contributions in statistical physics, computational social sciences, stochastic processes, and non-linear dynamics towards he establishment and advancement of complex systems science.

-Junior scientific awards: Bruno Gonçalves and Chiara Poletto. Bruno Gonçalves has made in the last years significant and crucial contributions to the study of human social behavior from large-scale online attention and behavioral data (Computational Social Science / Data Science). Chiara Poletto has gone from a theoretical physics background to a career in epidemiology, showing a true example of interdisciplinary thinking and using complex systems methods to provide useful information to managing of public health issues.

-Service awards: Jorge Louça, for his work as Chair of the Steering Committee of the Conference on Complex Systems, which, after two particularly successful editions in Barcelona (2013) and Lucca (2014), is this year taking place for the first time in the US, and the Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems, for their tremendous effort and many initiatives to help young scientists thrive in the field of complex systems.

2014 CSS awards and awardees

The first CSS awards have been unveiled at ECCS14 in Lucca, Italy. The 2014 recipients were:

-Senior scientific award: Prof. Eugene Stanley as one of the pioneers —if not the pioneer— of research in complex systems, having made profound contributions to this subject even before the field was named as such. His many and varied contributions over several decades span many different fields of science, most notably Statistical Physics, Complex Liquids, Complex Biological Systems and Techno-social and Economical Systems.

-Junior scientific awards:  Prof. Filippo Radicchi and Dr. Giovanna Miritello. Prof. Radicchi is part of the new generation of scientists that are making significant contributions to the subject of complex systems and networks. He is among the best young researchers in this area with contributions that span from theoretical studies of structural and dynamical properties of networks, to analyses of large-scale empirical data about human behavior and performance. Dr. Miritello’s work lies within the emerging interdisciplinary area known as Computational Social Science, in which big data sources and complex systems tools are combined to understand human behavior. Her work is truly interdisciplinary, putting together physics, network science, computer science, psychology and social sciences. She is also among the few persons bridging the gap between research and industry.

-Service awards: Prof. Albert Diaz-Guilera, organizer of the successful ECCS13 in Barcelona; Dr. David Chavalarias, former vice president secretary of the CSS; ProfMina Teicher, former vice president treasurer and among the founders of the CSS. 

-Special society award: 
Dr. Ralph Dum for his work in promoting the Science of Complex Systems in Europe through his role in the FET EC program.

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